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Sunny Rays Wedding My Little Pony

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Sunny Rays Wedding My Little Pony


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When you find yourself scouting for a toy I've assembled some information. Sunny Rays Wedding My Little Pony brought to you by Hasbro is the funnest toy. The part number for this is A0078. Among the list of best attributes for this product is the sunny rays pony figure has a beautiful purple mane and tail!. Other features consist of don't forget the punch bowl and cups! and style them with the included comb!. The toy is 5.75" Height x 5" Length x 2.25" Width and weighs only 0.2 lbs. Lowest price Sunny Rays Wedding My Little Pony .

SUNNY RAYS is invited to the royal wedding! Set up her invitation where she can appear at it while you comb her flowing mane and tail! When the special day finally arrives, you'll have the brightest pony wedding guest who'll bring a punch bowl and cups towards the party! It's going to be an amazing day and she demands you to assist her to look her very best.


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